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One of the best places to visit in Asia is Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. Even though it is no longer the nation’s official capital, Yangon remains Myanmar’s largest and important commercial centre, with a population of over five million, and has the largest number of colonial buildings in the region today.Yangon was founded in 1755 by King Alaungpaya; when he dominated the lower part of Myanmar. He was the one who gave the name Yangon, meaning ‘End of Strife’.Yangon is also the place where Shwedagon Pagoda, a 2,500-years old structure, considered one of the seven wonders of the religious world, is located.


Places of interest

Shwedagon Pagoda

It is said that no visit to Myanmar is complete without a trip to Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda, a 2,500-years old Buddhist Shrine, which contains the relics of four Buddhas, and the most sacred site for the people of Myanmar.There is no other pagoda like it in Myanmar and there is no other place like the Shwedagon Pagoda in the world.

Botahtaung Pagoda

The pagoda was first builtalmost in the same time as Sule Pagoda and Shwedagon Pagoda over 2500 years ago in which a sacred hair from the Buddha's head and two body relics are enshrined.The pagoda was named in honor of the ‘Botahtaung’ meaning ‘a thousand military officers’ who escorted relics of the Buddha brought from India over two thousand years ago.

ChaukHtatGyi Pagoda

ChaukHtatGyi Pagoda is famous for its huge image of Reclining Buddha. built in 1966 replacing the old image built in 1907 by Sir Hpo Thar.The Buddha image is 66 metres (217 ft) long, and one of the largest in Burma.

Kabar Aye Pagoda

The Kabar AyePagoda whichmeans “World PeacePagoda” in Myanmar was built in 1952 by the then prime minister U Nu in preparation fordedication to theSixth Buddhist Council, which was held during 1954-56.

Bogyoke Aung San Market

The Bogyoke Aung San Market was built in 1926 was previously named Scott Market after Mr. C. Scott. the then Municipal Commissioner before being called Bogyoke Aung San Market in honour of our national leader and martyr General Aung San. The market has become a major tourist attraction not only for its colonial architecture and inner cobblestone streets, but alsoas a location where money exchange can be made and mostly as a place for shopping antiques, Burmese handicraftand jewellery, art galleries, and clothing.

Myanmar Gem Museum and Mart

It is a four-story buildingcomprising three floors of gem shops,selling high-quality raw and finished gem products, offering rubies,sapphires, pearls, jade and more, topped by a single-storeygems museum. The Myanmar Gem Museum and Mart is open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm except on Mondays and gazette holidays.

National museum

Founded in 1952, the five-story nationalmuseum of Burmeseart, history and culture in Myanmar, exhibits on the ground floor, the evolution of the Myanmar script and alphabet, the Lion Throne Room and Yatanabon Period pieces. On the upper four storeys, priceless ancient artifacts. works of art and historic memorabilia are on display within 14 halls.

Karaweik Hall

Karaweik Hall is located in the Kandawgyi Royal Lake is a modern architecture of a royal barge in the form of a mythical creature Karaweik. This whole building was gilded with gold about 20 years ago. It houses the Karaweik Palace restaurant which serveslunch and dinner with Myanmar, Chinese, Eastern and Western cuisine at moderate prices. Royal culture shows are normally held on the Karaweik barge in the evenings.

War Memorial

The HtaukKyant War Memorial Cemeteryis one of the most visited and high rated war sites of all Asia where 27.000 stone-graves of Commonwealth and Allied Forces Fallen Soldiers in the Myanmar Campaign are honourably kept.